List of 2019 Awards presented on Sunday

Female Vocalist
Rhonda McDaniel

Male Vocalist
Craig Woolard

Rising Star ( formerly Favorite New Artist )
CAT5 Band

Song of the Year
“We Aint Leaving Carolina”
Too Much Sylvia

National Dance/Shag Song
“I Ain’t Leaving Mississippi”
Jaye Hammer

Group Album of the Year
“Band Of Brothers”
Blackwater Band

Solo Album of the Year
“Make Your Mark”
R.Mark Black

Craig Woolard

“The Rest Of Me”
Rick Strickland

Group Of The Year
Too Much Sylvia

Collaboration or Duo
“Don’t Fight It”
Phil Wilson & Blackwater Band

Song Writer(s)
Rick Lee, John Ward, John Cummings, Steve Long
“We Ain’t Leaving Carolina”
Too Much Sylvia

Cameron Dudley– Drums
CAT5 Band

Shad Alberty
Mary Elizabeth Jacobs and Jackson Batten

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